Balance Beams

Balance Beams and Accessories

Adjustable Competition Beam- This beam adjusts easily from FIG height to low beam height. It has the same synthetic suede cover American gymnasts are familiar with. We chose to feature this beam in our catalog because we feel it is the best value, taking into account, quality construction, desirable features, and price.

Competition Beam on Low Legs- No surprises here. This is the exact same beam as used for competition but on low legs. Get the same synthetic suede feel as on the competition beam but at a more forgiving height.

Carpeted Padded Practice Beam - The carpeted padded surface of this beam is more durable than the tender suede skin of other much more expensive beams. This makes it ideal as a reasonably priced low or medium practice beam. The beam comes with or without wooden feet which make it a low beam. Add the medium legs and you have a medium height beam. This also makes an ideal home practice beam. It is available in 12' as well as regulation 16'5" lengths.

Wooden Feet For Beam- These bolt onto the practice beam to make a low beam.

Medium Legs For Beam- These metal legs screw into a wooden practice beam to raise the working surface of the beam to about 20" off the ground.

Carolina Suede Beam Recovery Kit- The kit includes a suede skin, two cans of spray contact adhesive, and a foam pad. You simply glue and trim the pad, then glue and upholster the suede cover onto the beam. We use only heavy suede material for durability. Beware of cheaper kits that use a thinner suede.

Colorful 1" Thick Rubber Beam- This attractive, inexpensive, beam alternative allows you to build confidence on a 1" high beam like surface before progressing to an actual balance beam. It is ideal for mobile preschool programs or as an affordable gift for that enthusiastic young gymnast. These beams are available in 16'5" and 12' lengths and are rollable for easy storage.

Black 1/4" Thick Rubber Beam- This serves the same purpose as the colorful rubber beam for less money which may allow you to purchase one for every member of your team. They are a great addition to your gym's Pro Shop as well. These beams are available in a 16' length only.

Colorful Velcro Backed Vinyl Beams- This is a colorful and inexpensive addition to any preschool program. The velcro backing helps keep the mat vinyl surface from slipping when placed on your carpet. These are available in 8' lengths.

Matting For Beams- There are many ways to mat a balance beam. Most often people put an 8'X15'6" mat under it and then either a dismount mat or a soft skill cushion at the end of the beam.

Carolina 8'X15'6"X12cm 2-fold Dismount Mat- The 15'6" length covers the distance between the bases of a standard competition beam. See the section on dismount mats to learn about our quality features.

Carolina Balance Beam Pads- We probably went through more prototypes on this product than on any other product we make. Now we feel we have by far the best performing beam pad on the market. We use "easy to cinch" luggage buckles to tighten the pad to the beam. This keeps the pad from shifting like all other models we tested. Each Pad is 8'2.5" long, with two of these pads the whole beam is covered so the gymnast can practice those flight series elements over and over with less fear on a more forgiving surface. It's also great to make a fat beam for preschoolers.

Beam Upright Pads- These pads fasten around the uprights of the beam to help protect an athlete that falls onto the uprights. Specify brand of beam.

Uneven Bars

Carolina Gym Supply offers two styles of uneven bars to suit individual preference and budget .

Carolina Suprachrome Uneven Bars- This set of bars, simply put, was designed to one-up the popular AAI design. Here's how that was done:

Carolina Chinese Superwide Uneven Bars- We watched the world champion Chinese girls train on these bars at the national training center in Beijing. Our Carolina model takes this European design and improves it by making the bars easily adjustable in height without taking up chain links. (East meets West, the best of both worlds.) The width adjusts easily with a crank. The rails are FIG spec round rails of course. We believe this to be the best value on the market.

Single Training Bars- Since most new skills are learned first on a single rail our single bar trainers can be extremely useful for any program.

Low Adjustable Single Bar Trainer- This unit bolts directly to the floor to save space. It adjusts easily from a low handstand pirouette training bar, to a knee high preschool bar, to a low uneven bar height ideal for learning basic skills. The frame can be purchased separately without the standard round rail. The unit is engineered to accept AAI style collars. If you already have an old style rail and don't care about the new round design this option can save you money.

Adjustable Star Bar- Imagine a system where you could train four different students on their own individually adjustable single bars all at the same time. Now imagine that system taking up about the same space as one standard set of unevens. Voila, you have our adjustable star bar. Like our other single bar trainers it can be purchased with or without the standard round rails with AAI style collars.

Adjustable High Bar Single Bar Trainer- This unit accepts either a men's or women's rail so it is ideal for PVC pipe and strap training, or single bar skills. It adjusts easily from very low to competition high bar height. Unit requires 6 floor plates sold separately according to your type of floor.

Carolina Chinese Round Uneven Bar Rails- These FIG spec rails are made for us in China with AAI compatible collars. They are a great inexpensive alternative for updating your old AAI style rails. No surprises, just a excellent rail at a great price.

Space Savers TM- This ingenious patented device changes the normal floor plate foot print for bars from 13'X18' to 8'4"X12'4". This results in a real savings to you in recouped square footage of your gym. The original and still best way to economize on floor plate layout just got cheaper. Design modifications enabled the makers to one-up themselves, making their unique product better and also less expensive. Ain't America great!

Male Spreader Links- Update your Carolina Suprachrome or AAI style bars with these male only adaptors. Because of thoughtful engineering these male spreaders tighten securely on all setting widths so its not necessary to purchase updated female parts as well. We don't believe in engineered obsolescence.

Swing Handstand Trainer- The swing handstand trainer provides a valuable progression link in learning that essential cast handstand skill. It is a fun and inexpensive station where gymnasts can work alone or in pairs. Proper technique is required to benefit from the swing handstand trainer. It's also a great conditioning station.

Uneven Bar Rail Adaptors for Nissen- This is the simplest and least expensive way we know of to update your Nissen bars to round rails. Simply use these rail adaptors and you'll be able to use AAI style rails (Carolina Chinese rails ) for this and any future rail updates. Total cost is considerably less than after market Nissen rails. Maybe it's time to dig out that old Nissen set and update.

Vault Horses

Carolina Chinese Ultra Spring Horse (shown below)- This horse offers the most performance and protection of any horse we've seen. The top surface has a markedly cushy, springy feel. The covering is naturally non slipping real leather. Leather is not used by other manufacturers because, in most parts of the world, it is prohibitively expensive. The goal of the Chinese factory engineers was to make the world's best performing horse. We think they've done it, and at an affordable price.

Vault Horse - This horse is an excellent performer. It has the synthetic suede like surface that Americans are used to. Dollar for dollar we feel this is the best non spring top vault horse on the market.

Pit Vault Horse - This horse was specially designed to be used as a training horse next to a pit. It stands on a pedestal which can be bolted directly to the floor next to your pit so there is no overhanging base. It can be swiveled easily to be a men's long horse or a women's side horse.

Pommel Horses

Synthetic Leather Pommel Horse- This is an excellent quality horse that is easily adjustable and very affordable. It is a top quality horse that compares price wise to other companies lightweight lower quality horses.

Carolina Chinese Real Leather Pommel Horse (shown below)- Gymnasts have always preferred the feel of real leather to synthetics. Why then don't we see more leather horses? Leather is outrageously expensive and it takes a whole hide to make a single horse. This FIG spec horse gives you that world class feel of leather at a fraction of the price of leather horses made in this country.

Dome Trainer With Two Pommels- Despite the somewhat homemade appearance of this product it stands alone as the only product that fills the progression gap between dome circles and pommel horse circles. After a gymnast can do say ten circles on a dome trainer with regularity he is ready to start on a pommel dome with two pommels. After a gymnast can do say ten circles on a dome trainer with two pommels he is ready to do circles on the horse. There is one flaw in this progression for smaller gymnasts. The pommels on a standard horse are too wide for little boys arms. Try swinging circles in an iron cross position. The answer to this problem is to redrill the holes for your pommels 1 1/2" narrower on both sides. This should allow your small boys to swing normally. Now if we can get USA Gymnastics to recognize and condone this we would do a great service to our young hot shots.

Large Pommel Dome Trainer- This is a great trainer for older boys and for little guys trying to extend their circles. It is a valuable tool in the progression of circles from horse to floor. It has extra long single pommels to help learn single pommel work as well. It can be used on a pedestal or directly on the floor.

Ultra-Dome TM- We believe this is the best value in circle trainers on the market. It is lightweight but stable. It can be placed directly on a mat and used without any special base padding that would be required on metal base trainers. Hats off to plastics and American ingenuity.

High Bars & Rings

Carolina Chinese Competition High Bar- This bar is FIG approved with the double cable system for added stability. No surprises here, just a great high bar at an unbelievable price.

Adjustable High Bar- This the same unit as our adjustable single bar trainer except it has a men's rail instead of an uneven bar. It is easy to change between the men's and women's rails. It adjusts easily from very low to high using collars that go up and down the uprights. This is a great bar for training because of its adjustability.

PVC Pipe and Set of Straps- This is the same product as written up under uneven bars. It is listed here again because it is a great training aid for boys.


Carolina Chinese Ring Tower- When we met with our Chinese manufacturer we worked with them to make the small changes necessary for the American market. This particular piece of apparatus required no change except screw style floor plates. These rings have the nicest swivel mechanism we've seen. Everything about them is first class, especially the price.

Ceiling Hung Rings with I-Beam Clamps- This is a money saving alternative to a ring tower. The set comes complete with spring swivels which are more forgiving on the shoulders. They are custom made to your specs. Please give us I-Beam to floor distance and the height you want the rings to hang off the floor, if other than regulation height. Also please specify width of the I-Beam. If you don't have I-Beams call us. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Pair of Wood Rings Only- Replace your old or broken rings with these inexpensive FIG spec wood laminated rings. Use them with a pair of extension straps hung from your existing rings or a bar, to make low rings for preschool or training purposes.

Pair of Ring Straps Only- Use these to replace your old worn straps or as extension straps to lower your rings. With a pair of wood rings this makes a great preschool station.

Spring Swivels- Replace your old swivels with these shoulder forgiving swivels. My abused shoulders sure wish these were available when I was training.

Parallel Bars

Carolina Chinese Parallel Bars - These bars have an extra heavy base that helps out on those side swinging movements. They adjust easily in height and width with a lever locking mechanism. Probably the best thing about these bars is that the price makes them affordable for the club that is just starting a boys program.

Carolina Chinese Low P-Bars - Just the right tool for teaching handstands, pirouettes, presses, and strength moves. We used to play "add on" on low parallel bars as part of our conditioning. Someone starts with say an L. The next guy does the L and adds on a press to handstand. The next guy might add on a pirouette, ect. until there is only one guy left that can do the whole add on routine.

Carolina Parallel Bar Platform Mat- The ingenious design of this mat makes it do the job of a regular platform mat at a fraction of the cost. Just the ticket for a budget conscious club program.

Carolina P-Bar Insert Mat- Once again this was a Carolina Gym Supply first. It covers only the inside base of the bars. Just pull regular landing mats to either side of the P-Bars and voila. This is the cheapest way we know of to mat Parallel bars. Please specify brand of bars when ordering.

Carolina Rainbow P-Bar Blocks TM US Patent #4,968,025 (shown below) - Often times I have thought I misnamed these blocks. People are so hesitant to spend money on their boy's program. Maybe I should have named them the ultimate spotting block, the portable beam table, the preschool block, anything but a P-Bar Block. There are so many uses for our Rainbow P-Bar Blocks many clubs have purchased two sets right off the bat to keep the boys and girls coaches from fighting over them. The secret is their patented design, extremely lightweight, incredibly sturdy, and a simulated foam rail which makes swinging on them easy on your wrist when they are used as P-Bars. They are great for teaching girls cast handstands too. Incrediblock? Multiblock? I could use some help.

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