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Carolina 45'X45' Extra-fine FX Carpet- This is the only floor exercise carpet we know of that has been made to specifically address the pouching and wrinkling problems of floor exercise carpets. Most carpets from other manufacturers are simply residential carpeting with velcro sewn in. Residential carpeting was made to flex maybe 1/4" with the carpet padding under it. What happens when you build a seven inch high spring floor and then release trained gorillas to stomp on it day in day out? Answer- the backing of the carpet breaks down causing the carpet to pouch and wrinkle. We addressed this problem by having our carpet made with a stiffer more durable backing. Yes, we have to buy large production runs of carpet in order to get the mill to run to our specifications, but it's worth it to make a more durable carpet. Our carpet is a 30oz. carpet and we specify a low pile height. We bind all edges and sew hook and loop fastener into the inside seams.

Regular 45'X45' FX Carpet- We sell this carpet to compete quality wise and price wise with all the other manufacturers. It's a good carpet, just not as durable as the Carolina Extra-fine. We recommend the Carolina Extra-fine if you can possibly afford the extra cost. The Carolina Extra-fine is a better value. The regular carpet will do the job if the budget doesn't allow. No sales puff, just straight talk.

Regular 42'X42' FX Carpet- This is the same carpet as the regular 45'X45' just in the smaller size some prefer.

Carolina Crosslink 1 3/8"- Available in 6'X42' rolls this foam performs better and is more durable than non crosslinked foams. Crosslinking the molecular structure of the polyolefin material is the key.

Carolina Foam Block Floor Kit- Experience has taught us that a foam block that is significantly higher than it is wide will often twist and partially fall over killing the spring. This is why we use 4" wide blocks. Experience has also taught us the best foam for the job. Our foam cube has such a tiny cell structure that it looks like solid material. The foam has been chemically altered to give it more energy return (spring). We sell two models the 3" cube, and the 4.5" cube that will make the total 7" height floor that meets the current FIG specs.

Regular 4" Coil Springs- This is probably the least expensive coil floor on the market. It works well and will satisfy most needs.

Power Coil Springs- This floor is designed for big air junkies. If you need every bit of hang time try this floor. Nuff Said.

Fiberglass Rod Tumbling Strips- The rod sections have a metal frame and are 4' long. They come in 6', 8', and 8' adjustable-flex widths. The six foot model is spec for Power Tumbling competition and is the most popular size. We recommend putting 2" crosslink over the rods and 1 3/8" carpet bonded foam on top.

Carolina Crosslink 2"- This foam comes in 6'X42' rolls 2" thick. This makes it ideal for use on rod floors or anywhere you want more padding than standard 1 3/8" foam.

Carpet Bonded Foam- This is the product to use on top of a rod floor since the carpet can't slip and wrinkle. It is also a great product for a program that must set up and break down on a regular basis. It is not a good choice for the club that is going to set up the floor permanently since the carpet which is bonded to the foam is not nearly as good a quality as our Carolina Extra-fine Carpet. Note: Carpet bonded foam should always be rolled up the same way or the carpet will split from the foam. Carpet bonded foam will require maintenance to reglue the inevitable carpet and foam split.

Vinyl Cover for Martial Arts, Aerobics, and Floor Exercise Mats - This is a durable and economical way to cover raw crosslink foam to make a first class floor mat. Vinyl seams are heat welded. Perimeter can be plain or hemmed and grommeted. Call with sizes for price quote.

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