Martial Arts Matting

Carolina Gym Supply's martial arts and wrestling mats are designed for years of rugged use. Top qualitiy materials combined with Carolina Gym Supply's quality craftsmanship make these mats a superior value.

Martial arts and wrestling sparring puts stresses on mat seams like no other activities. Heavy duty, tear resistant double coated fabrics and heavy duty thread cost more than flimsy light weight laminated fabrics and thin upholstery thread. That's why you might expect to pay more for our products, but you won't. The Martial Arts products distributors we checked out actually advertised lesser quality products for more money.

Thank you for checking out our products and prices. We hope we can be of service to you.

Panel Mats:

Panel mats with velcro on four sides so that they can be connected widthwise as well as lengthwise are the logical choice for a sparring area that needs to be set up and taken down regularly.

The individual sections are light weight , and fold accordian style to make them easily portable and easy to store. V-2 denotes velcro on the ends. V-4 denotes velcro on all four sides. The filler is our Carolina 1 3/8" crosslinked polyethelene foam. The molecular structure of this foam has been crosslinked giving it superior resiliency compared to standard ethafoam.

Crosslink Foam & Tarp Cover (for more permanent installations)

Our Carolina 1 3/8" crosslinked polyethelene foam comes standardly in 6'X42' rolls. The foam tapes easily together with either carton sealing tape(for temporary set up) or duct tape (for more permanent installation). You can purchase full rolls and one cut roll to give you the exact square footage you need to make any size floor.

Our tarps are available in any size. The heavy duty 18 oz. double coated fabric is heat welded together in 5' widths. There are two ways the tarp can be edged. It can either be a plain edge, or the edge can be hemmed and grometted to secure to the floor. Tarps are available in several colors, give us a call, toll free at 877-GYM-STUF for more information and price quotes.

SpecialtyTraining Mats

When a softer landing surface is required, chances are Carolina Gym Supply makes the mat you need - Check out our pages devoted to soft landing mats, and please bear in mind as a mat manufacturer, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for we would like to talk to you about making it for you.



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