Dismount Mats

The Carolina dismount mats have many quality features that put them in a class by themselves.

Our goal is to make the best performing, most durable, mat on the market. Unlike apparatus that will probably be in working order when we are all dead and gone, mats wear out. That's why smart gym club owners are willing to pay the extra money to get a mat that will serve them better and longer. We know how to make a cheaper mat, we just refuse to do it. Carolina Gym Supply Mats are simply a better value.

Carolina 12cm Dismount Mats- These mats are made in a variety of sizes to fit your apparatus.

Carolina 18 and 20cm Dismount Mats- These mats use two layers of urethane foam of different densities and a top layer of crosslink foam for a sure footed landing. They are extremely forgiving. I have seen girls land short on Tsuks, expecting them to have stung their ankles sufficiently to limp off and forego a second vault. To my surprise they get up like nothing happened, strut back and nail the second Tsuk. Our asymmetrically bi-folded 18' vault mat meets the FIG spec size all in one mat. The asymmetric fold means there is a three foot section next to the horse, a nine foot section which is where most people land, and a six foot section which catches whatever might fly further.

Panel Mats

Panel Mats - Our panel mats are made with our 18oz. double knife coated fire retardant vinyl and 1 3/8" crosslink foam. We make a variety of sizes ranging from 4'X8', 5'X10', to 6'X12'. We can make solid colors or rainbow mats. Red, blue, green, orange, and yellow, are your color choices.

Carolina Rocket Mat- This one of a kind mat was designed to take the place of a spring floor for doing exhibitions at the mall or elsewhere. The mat is 6'X16'X3" which is long enough to accommodate a round off flip flop. You can run up on two layers of regular panel mats, round off flip flop punch on the rocket mat and land in an 8" soft mat. This means you may only need one to immediately benefit from it. The secret to its springiness is the chemically altered crosslink foam filler. Try a Rocket mat. They are awesome.

Soft Mats

It's hard to have too many of these in a gym. Check out our new modular 8" mats "Mod Mats", and our Marshmallow skill mats, the mat that makes you reconsider digging that pit. Also check out our trampoline loose foam pits, and our ingenious in ground resi design.

Carolina Mod Mats - Imagine a mat that is just the right size for your preschool classes, easily portable, colorful, and can be velcroed to other mats to make any length soft mat you want. Imagine a mat like this that can be stacked any desired height for drills and spotting. You are imagining our Mod Mats. Mod Mats come in standard sizes 4'X6'X8" and 4'X8'X8" with 4" velcro on the long sides. Not just a mat, its a system.

Carolina Marshmallow Skill Mat - Thanks Mike Rizzuto of Nittany Gymnastics for inspiring the design of this mat. Mike came back from a USAIGC trip to Russia all excited about this 16" thick mat that the Russian girls would face out doubles in, laugh and do it again. This inspired me to do R&D to find a foam formulation that would feel like a 32" pit but in 16". I decided on a size that would be large enough for a controlled landing but when two mats were velcroed together would catch say a wayward flyaway that pinged off early and rolled. I thought I was creating strictly a pit style landing surface that was low enough to use like a regular landing mat. My boy's team taught me that it was just as good if not better as a basic tumbling surface. The secret is in the top layer of foam, dense but chemically formulated to be very soft. This gives an initial soft feel that springs back to shape allowing the kids to tumble almost fearlessly. Using progressions we taught kids up to and including double twisting backs completely without a spot. When it came time for double backs we simply stacked one marshmallow mat on another and did drills same as you would with an above ground resi. I started out with four of these mats in my test gym but soon expanded to ten because they are so useful. Standard size is 7'6" wide by 8' long with 4" velcro on the 8'ends. Loop handles all around make them easily portable. Get the picture, every gym needs them.

Carolina 8" Soft Mats- We use the same foam filler as with the Mod Mats. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Carolina 12" Soft Mats- These mats use the same foam as the 8" mats. When people ask for our 12" mat I often suggest our marshmallow skill mats because they really want super softness that they can dismount or tumble into.

Carolina 32" Above Ground Resi pit- This is a great product for doing drills. They can be made in modular section to make them portable. Consider the affore mentioned Marshmallow Skill Mats as a more versatile substitute.

Carolina 32" In ground Resi pit- This product beats the others hands down because of the design. We drop the foam lattice into the hole without a cover. We cover the top layer of soft foam with cover that has mesh top and bottom so the open cell urethane foam can breath with the lattice layers. This has a number of advantages. If the pit starts to wander away from the wall because of traffic flow simply pick up the loop handles on the ends, give the mat a good tug and it is snugly back in place. That would not be possible with a standard resi. If the foam wears out simply unzip and replace it. If the cover gets a hole in it, simply flip the whole thing over. The cover is a mirror image on the other side complete with logo, warning label and velcro when needed. Because the sections velcro easily together any size is possible. Some jobs we simply ship in sections by truck. Others we glue up on site. "Have Glue Will Travel".

Bungee Trampoline Loose Foam Pits- These have many advantages over traditional loose foam pits. Simply suspend a custom size trampoline bed half way down in your 6' to 8' hole. Fill with our fire retardant foam cubes and you have a self fluffing low maintenance pit that costs significantly less than using only foam.

Pit Edging- Before you spend a fortune getting professionally made pit edging call us and learn how easy it is to make your own for a fraction of the cost.

Carolina Sting Mats- We make two sizes and styles of these popular new mats. We use a soft and durable denim fabric for the cover. One style uses a six lb. 1 1/2" rebond foam and is 55"X77". The other uses 4" of a very dense but soft natural urethane and is 48"X96". They not only take the edge off landings but are great for draping over bars and beams.

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