Preschool and Progression Apparatus and Shapes

Future Kids Apparatus - The new Future Kids line of equipment is one of the hottest things to hit the market in a long time. It is portable, versatile, better built than competing brands that we know of and priced to be affordable for the mobile gym or club program. Future Kids Apparatus is available in whole apparatus or component interchangeable parts. This stuff is so new we don't even have pricing as of this date. Future Kids has single bar/high bar, uneven bars, parallel bars, rings, and handstand bouncers. Call for pricing.

Junior Swing Bar - This unit is stronger and more stabile than competitive models with nicer adjusting mechanisms. It breaks down to be flat for storage or a mobile program. Perfect for any preschool program. I know of one club that uses it as a cast handstand station when their team does exhibitions at the mall.

Bronco Mini Board - This is a great little vault board for preschoolers. It has four removable coil springs and a hoof print logo showing the sweet spot. It's not the cheapest preschool board on the market but it is well worth the little extra.

Colorful Rubber Beams- These come in 12' and 16' lengths and are simply 1" thick . They are red white and blue rubber that looks like the rubber used on soles of athletic shoes. They make great preschool and progression beams and are a good choice for inexpensive home beams.

Carolina Black Rubber Beams- These are used the same as the colorful rubber beams. They are 16' long and 1/4" thick. They are great for preschool, progressions, and are a great seller in your Pro Shop. Check out our volume discounts on this product.

Colorful Play Canapes- We don't call them parachutes for fear of Junior taking a flying leap. These are a bright, fun addition to your preschool program. Get the right size for the number of participants. 6',12',20',24'. and 30' diameters available.

Carolina Preschool and Progression Shapes

All our preschool and progression shapes are made of highest quality materials. We use fire retardant 18 oz. double knife coated vinyl, stiffer urethane foams when called for, and we put handles everywhere you would want them. We go to the extra effort of decorating the mats with geometric shapes of colored vinyl. Our handles are backed with seat belt webbing. This attention to detail makes them your best choice.


It's hard to say enough about octagons. They are fun to use progression shapes for walkovers, handsprings, and preschoolers love to climb on them. As a handspring trainer it's important that you use the right size for the individual. If you can't afford each size get the larger size since a small child has some use for a larger octagon but a large child has no use for a small octagon. We make five different sizes of octagons to accommodate a wide range of children from tots to your larger cheerleaders. Save your shoulders. Let an octagon spot the first thousand flip flops. Sizes are 15"X24"(Mom &Tot), 20"X28" (3-5 yr. olds), 25"X30" (5-8 yr. olds), 30"X36"(8-12 yr. olds), and 36"X36"(adult sizes).

Octagon Halves - A Carolina Gym Supply first. These octagons split like cord wood for use as half octagons for preschool movement, then velcro back together for a progression shape for walkovers and handsprings. Sizes are 30"X36" and 36"X36". If you have preschoolers and progression kids 8 or older these offer you the most bang for your buck.

Carolina Wedges

Wedges are great down hill training mats for everything from rolls to walkovers to flip flops to somersaults and more. All Carolina wedges have handles all around for convenient transport. We make all different sizes to suit your needs. I believe the folding wedges and the Multi-wedge System offer the most variety of uses and are therefore the best value.

Straight Wedges- This is your basic downhill mat. Sizes are 2'X4'X14" to 2", (preschool) 3'X6'X16" to 2", 4'X6'X16" to 2", (elementary school) and 5'X7'X18" to 2" (adult size).

Folding Wedges (shown above)- We make three sizes of folding wedges. These wedges offer the versatility of use as a spotting block, preschool block, or awards stand since the numbers 3, 2, and 1 are sewn into the non working surface and are visible when folded. Sizes are 4'X6'X16" to 2"(number 3), 5'X7'X18" to 2" (number 2), and 6'X12'X26.5" to 2" (number 1, also known as the Megawedge). The Megawedge is the worlds largest wedge mat, great for downhill tumbling.

Carolina Multi-wedge Transformer System (shown below)- Thanks to Jim Schlott of Iowa Gym Nest for the inspiration for this product. This system of four individual folding wedges hooks together using large velcro straps. It can form a variety of spotting block sizes as well as a 12' long giant downhill . I just love products with multiple uses. This promises to be a very popular new product.

Carolina Mailbox Mat- This is a colorful shape great for doing a bridge over or jumping over like a mini horse. Handles are on the ends.

Carolina Cushistairs- These foam steps use a firmer grade of foam than our competitors. They are a fun and friendly way to climb up to a medium beam or other preschool shapes.

Carolina Donuts- This is a fun shape for your preschoolers. Climb into the stew pot. Stir the stew up. Turn up the heat and boil over into a waiting downhill mat. Turn it up like a cheerio and make a figure 8 course over, around, and through. You get the idea. We found numerous creative uses for them when I hosted a select group of North Carolina coaches in my gym for Bobby Semes' bachelor party. Sizes are 10"X48", 20"X54", and 30"X60"

Carolina Donut Halves- Same as our donuts but more versatile since the halves split apart for bridges, tunnels and rockers, then velcro together to be a donut. Sizes are 18"X52", and 30"X60".

Carolina Flash Trapezoids (shown below) - Our four section "Rat Trap", and our three section "Mouse Trap" go together in a flash with simple effective velcro flaps. The velcro fastens from a lower section up to the next higher section keeping velcro off your floor. This also provides a safety feature since you can easily see if the velcro has been fastened or not. If the velcro hangs from a higher section to a lower section(like in other brands) it is not always clear if the velcro has been pushed together. This creates the possibility that one of your little hyperactives might decide to do a vault over it only to find it slip like a banana peel. Each section is a different color and incorporates a stiff urethane core with a hard crosslink top. This makes each section usable as a separate spotting block. There are handles on all sides of every section. Other brands use a strap system to hook their traps together. To hook four sections of that style trap together would require a 30 strap salute. My point being, you could spend your time teaching your class or you could put your trapezoid together.

Rainbow P-Bar Blocks TM US Patent#4,968,025- This product deserves mention again in this section since it has so many applications for preschool movement and progressions, not just as P-Bar trainers. The super light, super sturdy patented construction makes them ideal for so many applications. With two flash trapezoid sections on top of a P-Bar Block, I have a sturdy platform to spot uneven bars from. That set up puts the high bar at my hip height. From there I can cradle a gymnast on back and legs safely through a Takatchev and safely drop them off on the other side of the bar. Don Peters had to get a second set in his gym just to use next to the beam for his elites doing round off layouts onto the beam. Let me know how you use them. The list keeps growing.

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