Marshmallow Mat

Carolina Marshmallow Mat


Product Description

A Carolina Gym Supply original. Wish you could put a pit anywhere in your gym, any time you wanted? Read on!

Mike Rizzuto of Nittany Gymnastics gave us the idea to create this unique mat. Mike had just returned from a USAIGC trip to Russia where he saw gymnasts facing out their double backs, getting up laughing, and going back for more in a super soft mat that did not bottom out.

Designing a mat that was super soft, durable, and easily transportable became our mission. We decided to use an intricate lattice to keep from bottoming and a very dense top foam that was chemically formulated to be super soft. It has that resi feel but in only 16”!

Original size of 7.5’ x 8’ x 16” makes them usable as an individual mat and stack-able for use as a 32” resi for drills. Use the 4” hook and loop fasteners to connect two to make a 7.5’ x 16’ x 16” for use under beam, at the end of beam or behind a tumble tramp (the mat slides under the frame and does not interfere with the bounce so there is no “black hole” where the tumble tramp ends and the mat begins).

Under uneven bars, your smaller kids will be able to swing giants with 16” under them. For larger gymnasts, raise your bases up on blocks, extending the cables with chain and voila, you have pit bars. At the end of your 7” high spring floor you can tumble into the Marshmallow Mat and it’s like tumbling into a 9” mat that feels like a resi. Why limit yourself with an above ground 32” pit that is good for only a few drills and requires your entire team to move around? Get two Marshmallow Mats and you have a versatile soft matting system in an easily portable form that you will move all over your gym.

** all Carolina Gym Supply mats can be made in any of our standard vinyl colors or combination of at no additional charge **

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