The Carolina Gym Supply Difference!

At Carolina Gym Supply, we combine everything to give you the best quality gymnastics matting at competitive prices, paired with phenomenal customer service throughout your entire ordering process!

The Carolina Gym Supply difference starts with our materials...

We use 18 oz. double-knife coated vinyl for all of our Carolina Gym Supply matting. Double-knife coated means that the woven polyester material is coated two times, top and bottom, with the liquid vinyl and then set to dry. Our vinyl is treated with an anti-bacterial additive designed to prevent the growth and spread of mold, mildew, and fungal bacteria in places where moisture and heat combined with bodily fluids can make for a high risk of spreading infections. It has been proven to prevent 99% bacterial growth for any athletic environment. If you speak to any of our customers, they will speak highly of the durability of our vinyl in comparison with other manufacturers. 

We have several brilliant colors of vinyl to choose from, so get funky and add a splash of color to your gym!

Vinyl Colors

Heavy-duty chain zipper keeps your foam nice and tight inside our durable covers. Zippers are placed either on the bottoms of our gymnastics mats or as unobtrusively as possible on our training shapes. A flap of vinyl covers the zipper from view and aids in keeping little hands from messing with it or leotards from snagging on it.

Hidden Zipper

White Chain Zipper

The sewing team at Carolina Gym Supply is dedicated to superior craftsmanship of our gymnastics matting. Hook and loop fastener is sewn onto our larger mat covers with a zigzag pattern to hold up to the daily rigors of use in a gym. Mesh-to-vinyl seams are sewn a total of four times, with the vinyl folded several times around the mesh to give it as strong of a seam as possible. Attention to detail is given to every single order, no matter how small or standard it may be. For custom orders, we exercise even more precision in planning and production of your custom Carolina Gym Supply mats.

Zigzag Stitching

We finish the production process with carefully researched and tested foam to fill those Carolina Gym Supply covers. We have relationships with several foam manufacturers which supply foam interiors of optimal density and structure for a mat’s intended use. We often combine several foam grades to yield the best performance out of a gymnastics mat. Understanding the foam manufacturing process gives Carolina Gym Supply an edge over the competition.


Once a mat has been stuffed to ensure that it has been correctly made, it is wrapped (either stuffed or in pieces depending on the size of the mat) for transport. We do our best to minimize possible damage in transit, but it is always pertinent to be aware of your rights and responsibilities when accepting a motor freight shipment of your gymnastics mats. You can find that information on our General Policies page.

Place your order today and experience the Carolina Gym Supply difference firsthand!