Welcome to Carolina Gym Supply, serving as the primary source for gymnastics mats.

We are the leading enterprise when it comes to high caliber products for gymnastics. Our staff is considered experts in product knowledge and provides nothing short of excellence when it comes to customer service. Customer satisfaction is a principle that our company is committed to!

The number 1 option for quality gymnastics mats

Seeing that the material we sell is sewn in our warehouse, which is located in Hillsborough, NC, many of our customers consider us Hometown Heroes with global connections. Since 1978 Carolina Gym Supply has been accommodating gyms across the country and other parts of the world with the best gymnastics mats and gymnastics equipment.

Custom matting is one of our specialities. Since everyone one of our clients has their own purpose for a custom mat, the equipment is perfect for everything from cheerleading to martial arts. Our mats are essential components when it comes to the basic needs of our customers: tumbling, exercise class and acrobats. The availability in this set of equipment ranges from two main designs and six sizes. Carolina Gym Supply loves for our clientele to have multiple options when it comes to color combinations, and we always have our basic solid colors on hand.

For the clientele purchasing gymnastics equipment for the first time, they might experience some difficulty. Full detailed descriptions for all of our merchandise will be available, as well as video exhibitions on how to use and set up the equipment. Have any more questions? Fill out our form and someone on our staff will be in contact with you shortly!


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