AAI Elite Horizontal Bar

$ 4,564.75 $ 4,805.00
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  • AAI Elite Horizontal Bar


AAI Elite Horizontal Bar

$ 4,564.75 $ 4,805.00
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The AAI Elite Horizontal Bar is the industry leading high bar due to its plethora of features that address the increasing amount of stress this event sees with newer, more powerful moves than ever before.

Features of the AAI Elite Horizontal Bar:

  • FIG Approved
  • Meets USAG, NCAA, and NFHS specifications for competition
  • Heat-treated shot-peened stainless steel rail
  • Multi-directional collar provides maximum flex and performance
  • Dual locking system with snap locks and spin locks
  • Adjusts from 225cm-295cm (approximately 88.5"-116")
  • Includes two assist steps
  • SKU: 407-489

The stainless steel rail of the AAI Elite Horizontal Bar has a heat treated shot-peen finish. This is an incredible process that strengthens the bar to be as strong as possible to withstand the forces that are exerted on it with elite high bar skills. The rails have been tested extensively in a controlled destruct setting and are magnafluxed to assure no surface cracks are present.

The AAI Elite Horizontal Bar employs a multi-directional collar which provides the optimal amount of flex for the stainless steel rail. The provides the best performance for your men executing elite release skills.

The AAI Elite Horizontal Bar adjusts from 225cm to 295cm (approximately 88.5" to 116"). A combination of snap and spin locks aids in adjustment. 

Two assist steps are included to help gymnasts and coaches adjust the height of the AAI Elite Horizontal Bar.

Cables are include, along with 3 turnbuckles and 1 loadbinder turnbuckle. The AAI Elite Horizontal Bar requires four floor anchors which are not included and must be purchased separately.

Safety Recommendation

Because of the more powerful moves being performed on the horizontal bar at the elite levels, data compiled by the FIG Safety Symposium leads Carolina Gym Supply to strongly recommend that horizontal bars and collars be replaced every three years to prevent the possibility of the bar breaking. The newer moves have been shown to apply greater impact loads and vibrations to the bar and its support structure.

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