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Carolina Gym Supply Flip Smart Mat System

$ 4,895.00
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  • Carolina Gym Supply Flip Smart Mat System with Space Wedges

Carolina Gym Supply

Carolina Gym Supply Flip Smart Mat System

$ 4,895.00
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This ain’t your mama’s wedge mat or handspring trainer. The Carolina Gym Supply Flip Smart Mat system is the “Swiss Army Knife” of gymnastics training aids. Once you try out this revolutionary system, you are going to seriously question how you ever trained without it. What started as a single “H” mat and top wedge evolved into a 6 piece system and then into the groundbreaking 9 piece system that it is now. This innovative design can be used for just about every aspect of gym training and will blow your mind with its versatility. You may find yourself asking, “How on earth does this system have so many uses?” The answer is simple. Each component part can be connected (or disconnected) via a hook and loop fastener. This prevents the stacked pieces from sliding and having to be readjusted every time you run a drill. Stack them however you see fit, use them individually, get creative!

Given its transformative nature, the uses for the Flip Smart Mat System are truly limitless. Every time we bring one of these to a trade show, some ingenious coach comes up with a new way to use it. Struggling to think of the potential uses? Well, think harder! Just kidding, here are what we would consider the top ideas.

  • Double Back Tuck 
  • Punch Front 
  • Front Layout
  • Back Layout
  • Yurchenko Vaults
  • Back Extension Rolls
  • Giant Slap Back on Bars
  • Cast Handstand Drills
  • Fly Away Drills
  • Press To Handstand
  • Stretching and Oversplits – Reaching back using handles in oversplits
  • Strength - Press Handstands, candlesticks
  • Double Backs off Beam

If you aren’t already sold on the versatility of the Flip Smart Mat System as a whole, you will be happy to hear that each individual piece can also be used independently. Here’s how:

  • The Flip Smart “H” Mat (and two Stuffers) – This mat is where it all started. Brian Howell came to us with the “H” Mat and top wedge concept and we absolutely loved the idea. The “H” mat design is what makes the Flip Smart System so useful and unique. With a slot for the athlete’s head and another for their feet, the training possibilities are endless.
  • Large Folding Wedge – What gym couldn’t use another wedge? Use the Steep Wedge with the Flip Smart “H” Mat to practice anything from back extension rolls and somersaults to punch front tucks. Used with the 2 space wedges and the Flip Smart H Mat, create that giant incline wall for flyaways, free hips, giant slap backs, etc.
  • Space Wedge(s) – These wedges are made of our sturdy, yet lightweight Carolina Gym Supply P-Bar Block construction and can be used to boost the system up for the needed incline angle for bar drills. They also fasten high side to low side to make a fabulous, lightweight, stiff spotting block.
  • Step Wedge – Add the Step Wedge to the Flip Smart “H” Mat to practice proper form for layouts. Increase the angle of the drill station by adding in the Large Folding Wedge. The Step Wedge is also great as a mounting block or somersault aid on the floor. Are you seeing the possibilities here?
  • Denim Mat – This 4” soft mat is recommended for use with the system when executing bar drills. It can also be used as a supplemental mat throughout your gym, it’s super soft and friendly to land on.
  • Panel Mat – Use the Panel Mat on top of the Flip Smart “H” Mat to add stability to the surface of the mat; then it transforms into a large spotting block!

As you can see, the uses for this system are only as limited as your imagination. To give you a jump-start, here are two videos that showcase some of the uses of the Carolina Gym Supply Flip Smart Mat System.  We think you’ll see why we call this the “Swiss Army Knife” of Gymnastics Training Aids.



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