Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak™ Original

$ 1,799.00
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  • Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak™ Original

$ 1,799.00
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Sometimes the original is the best there is! The Tumbl Trak™ has become a staple piece of equipment in gymnastics and cheer gyms across the world. Add one of these to your gym and watch your athletes boost their skill levels faster than you thought possible!

From the company of the same name, the Tumbl Trak™ can be used by athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It employs a tightly stretched trampoline bed to help athletes increase the amount of repetitions they can crank out during a training session without adding more stress to their bodies. This allows them to nail the proper technique more quickly.

Purchase of a Tumbl Trak™ includes:

  • Frame
  • Bed
  • Springs
  • Spring Tool
  • Frame Pads
  • Instructional DVD

The frame of the Tumbl Trak™ is made of heavy-duty steel and finished with a blue powder coat. It is 83" wide x 21" tall.

The tight 6" springs of the Tumbl Trak™ work together with the black poly trampoline bed to create a high-tension surface that will give athletes a quicker rebound than working skills on a regular trampoline. Because those springs are tight, we include a handy spring tool to help pop them into place.

Red frame pads are included to pad the top of your Tumbl Trak™. Other colors are available for an additional charge.

  • 10' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-10
  • 15' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-15
  • 20' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-20
  • 30' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-30
  • 40' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-40
  • 50' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-50
  • 60' Tumbl Trak™ SKU: 21-60

What size of landing mat do I need for a Tumbl Trak™?

We highly recommend two Carolina Gym Supply "Marshmallow" Soft Landing Mats for the end of a Tumbl Trak™. Your athletes will love landing into these fluffy mats and their composition provide a little bit of a bounce back, kind of like memory foam! Two of the 7' 6" x 8' Marshmallow Mats put together will give you 16' of a landing area. We feel is the perfect length, even for your most powerful tumblers. 

Replacement Parts

We know your Tumbl Trak™ will become an integral part of your programs. Eventually it will start to show the love and you'll need to replace parts. Give us a call and we'll be happy to get you pricing for any replacement parts for your Tumbl Trak™!

  • 10' Replacement Bed SKU: 10-B
  • 15' Replacement Bed SKU: 15-B
  • 20' Replacement Bed SKU: 20-B
  • 30' Replacement Bed SKU: 30-B
  • 40' Replacement Bed SKU: 40-B
  • 50' Replacement Bed SKU: 50-B
  • 60' Replacement Bed SKU: 60-B