Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro (New and Improved)

$ 1,449.99
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  • Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro

Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro (New and Improved)

$ 1,449.99
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The Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro is a bouncier version of the Air Floor and has recently been improved with increased durability and decreased weight.  The new and improved Air Floor Pro is constructed of a new resistant material which allows it to last longer than the competition.  Not only is it more durable, but it is also lighter than before, which means less effort when setting up and tearing down.  It is a great tumbling aid for all gymnastics, cheer, and dance programs!

Features of the Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro:

  • Available in 3M, 6M, or 9M lengths (approx. 10', 20', and 30' respectively)
  • 2M (6' 6" wide)
  • 20cm (approx. 8") thickness to allow use without additional matting underneath
  • Use on floor as well as with uneven bars
  • Double-wall technology 
  • Visual aid for straight tumbling
  • Hook and loop fastener to attach units together
  • Electric pump
  • Carrying bag

The Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro is wider than the Air Floor: 6' 6" vs. 5'.

Thicker than its predecessor, the Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor, the Air Floor Pro can be used independently from matting. It's perfect for the dance studio that wants to incorporate an advanced tumbling program as it can be used directly on hardwood and can be easily stored when not in use.

The 8" thickness lends increased structural integrity to the Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro allowing you to use it with uneven bars for working back hip circles and clear hip drills on the low bar. The 3M Air Floor Pro includes D-rings for this specific purpose. Use straps to create a wall between the high and low bars.

Tumbl Trak™ double-wall technology provides the incredible rebound that athletes and coaches experience on the Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro. Millions of threads inside the Air Floor Pro connect the top and bottom of the mat. This creates a special air pocket and a higher, faster rebound.

The 3M Air Floor Pro includes a numbered line as an added visual aid for athletes. The 6M and 9M Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pros include a red line (no numbers) for this same purpose.

With its included electric pump, the Tumbl Trak™ Air Floor Pro inflates in minutes to provide an unparalleled tumbling surface in an inflatable product. Note: Depending on the amount of use the Air Floor Pro receives, you'll likely need to add a little more air into it a few times a week.

The Air Floor Pro fillers are two soft foam wedges which fit in between two Air Floor Pros when they are connected together.  The fillers help create a seamless and flat connection in the space between the two Air Floor Pros.  Each wedge is 3 feet long.


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