Carolina Gym Supply

Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids

$ 853.00
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  • Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids 4 Section

Carolina Gym Supply

Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids

$ 853.00
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Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids are fun and incredibly useful shapes to have in your gym! Like panels mats, the uses for Trapezoids is almost endless!

Uses for Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids:

  • Bridges and back walkovers
  • Plyometric drills for conditioning of all levels
  • Spotting blocks
  • Cartwheel, round-off and aerial drills
  • Stretch out splits and over splits
  • Back extensions rolls
  • Press handstands
  • Obstacles for preschool circuits
  • Parkour vaults

We know Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids are some of the most used shapes in your gym and so we made it to be as durable as possible! Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids are constructed out of a stiff high-density foam and topped with a layer of 1.25" closed-cell crosslink foam. This combination of foam will hold up to the rigors of daily use in your gym and will provide a more stable surface for using it as spotting blocks or parkour vaults.

The hook and loop fastener of the Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids is different from other trapezoids on the market. Instead of attaching in a downward fashion, the hook flaps of the individual sections attach up onto the section above. This allows you to quickly determine whether the trapezoid is securely stacked and ready for use. Carolina Gym Supply Trapezoids also include hook and loop fastener on all four sides.

What is the difference between the "Mouse Trap", "Rat Trap", and "Tri-Top" Trapezoids?

The difference is all in the number of pieces you receive:

Carolina Gym Supply 3 Section "Mouse Trap"

This trapezoid has three sections. The total outside dimensions are: 36" long x 30" wide x 38" tall.

Carolina Gym Supply 4 Section "Rat Trap" (pictured)

We added a larger base section to the "Mouse Trap" to give you the "Rat Trap". This trapezoid has four sections for even more use in your gym. The total outside dimensions are: 48" long x 36" wide x 50" tall.

Carolina Gym Supply 6 Section "Tri-Top"

With the "Tri-Top" Trapezoid, the top section is actually three pieces. Because of the hook and loop configuration, you can use the top section as one large section or as three smaller ones! Total outside dimensions are the same as the "Rat Trap."