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Carolina Gym Supply Ultimate Beam Station

$ 4,732.00
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  • Carolina Gym Supply Ultimate Beam Station

Carolina Gym Supply

Carolina Gym Supply Ultimate Beam Station

$ 4,732.00
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Does your low beam area look like a hodgepodge of mismatched beams that are all different heights? Is finding matting for this area a complete nightmare? Does it take forever to get each of your gymnasts a turn on the beam? Do you wish you could train more kids in the same amount of space? The solution to all of your problems lies within the Carolina Gym Supply Ultimate Beam Station.

Instead of legs, this beam sits firmly in blocks made of our patented P-Bar Block construction which is stiff yet lightweight making the Ultimate Beam Station far more portable and compact than a full balance beam. These blocks also act as both a beam table and as a staging area allowing more kids per beam.

This station can be purchased with or without the dismount mat shown. Each support block has a height of 20” and with the dismount mat between the blocks; the balance beam sits at about 15” high. Need to add a little more height for your more advanced gymnasts? No problem! The support blocks are the exact same dimensions as our Trench Bale Bottom Blocks which can be purchased separately and attached via hook and look fastener below the support blocks for added height.  For a smaller 8" adjustment in height, purchase a pair of our Trench Bale Middle Blocks.  You will find a million uses for these blocks around your gym when they aren’t being used to raise your beam.

Hook flap fastener at the top edge of the Beam Station Block, allows you to attach our Trench Bale Bottom or Middle Blocks on top of the Beam Station Block to create a wall.  The wall can be used for handstand training drills(as pictured). 

NEW - Purchase the Ultimate Beam Station Deluxe Package:  The package includes:  (1) Beam, (1) Pair of Beam Station Support Blocks, (1) Dismount Mat, (2) Trench Bale Bottom Blocks, (2) Trench Bale Middle Blocks.  

With the Ultimate Beam Station, you need far less matting making a sleek yet affordable setup. The optional 12cm dismount mat fits perfectly between the support blocks to cover the area underneath the beam. Say goodbye to sprained ankles caused by gaps between mats! We took care of all of the work for you with this one!

What is included in the Ultimate Beam Station?

Balance Beam

  • 16’ Glulam Beam with slightly softer padding than a competition balance beam; top beam width is 4"

Two Support Blocks

  • Each support block is 60” x 26.5” x 20” with a cutout in the center for the balance beam
  • Support Blocks have a hook fastener on the bottom to attach to carpet bonded foam as well as a loop fastener along the sides to connect them to Trench Bale Bottom Blocks for added height
  • NEW!! Each Support Block now comes with Hook Flap Fastener at the top edge to connect Trench Bale Blocks to the top of the Support Block to create a wall.

**Optional Accessory**

Dismount Mat

  • 11’ 7.5” x 5’ x 12 cm mat (comes standard with hook flap and loop fastener on the long ends)

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