DGS Practice Balance Beam 8'

$ 259.00
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  • DGS Practice Balance Beam 8'


DGS Practice Balance Beam 8'

$ 259.00
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Whether at home or in the gym, Practice Balance Beams are fantastic for athletes of all skill levels!

Use Practice Balance Beams to perfect:

  • pivots
  • leaps
  • spins
  • cartwheels
  • handstands
  • backbends
  • back handsprings
  • round-off to back tucks (recommended in a supervised gymnastics setting)
  • ... and so much more!

Practice Balance Beams are covered with synthetic suede material and are padded on top with durable closed-cell crosslink polyethylene foam.

Beam Description and Details:

  • The 8' UPSable Practice Balance Beams include short wooden bases, bringing the working surface of the beam to 6" off the floor.
  • The beam is approximately 4" wide and 93" long and is covered in synthetic suede
  • 5/8" of closed-cell foam padding for a safe first attempt at new skills, or for more experienced athletes who want more time training on the beam at home
  • Wood core - hollow 3/4" plywood
  • Lightweight and can be easily moved around and stored at home or in the gym
  • SKU: DSBE-08

Which size of the Practice Balance Beams is best for my gymnast?

The most common size for home use is the 8' UPSable Practice Balance Beam. Low to the ground for safety, your athlete will be able to hone their fundamental skills regardless of their competitive level. At only 93" long, it is the perfect size to fit in a bedroom or common area. We recommend purchasing one of our Carolina Gym Supply Panel Mats to pad the immediate area around the Practice Balance Beam.

In a gymnastics facility, it is more common to see the 12' or full-length (16' 5") Practice Balance Beams. These allow two or more athletes to use a single beam at once depending on the drill or conditioning exercise.

Note: If purchasing a 12' or full-length beam for home use, make sure you'll be able to get the balance beam around any corners from the door to its final spot in your house. Balance beams do not bend!